What can I do for you?

Do you stare into your wardrobe before work in the morning, a birthday party or an important event, and think “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? Or maybe you are looking at the colossal pile of clothes on your bed that you have subconsciously managed to create while trying on several outfits to no avail? OR maybe you detest the idea of having to choose any clothing items and quite literally have nothing to wear?

I get it; getting dressed can be a tiresome, disheartening routine that we all go through, every single day.  However, gaining control over your wardrobe and your style can have a massively beneficial impact on your daily life. How you look and how you feel in what you are wearing, can really affect your confidence, your attitude and your overall disposition.

It has been said that most women wear 20% (on average) of the clothing that they own, 80% of the time. Men tend to make more use of the items in their closets but are just as guilty at finding comfort in their ‘favourites’ and playing that record on repeat. So what is happening with the 80% of your closet that you are not utilising 80% of the time? Perhaps you have items you bought to wear when you hit your body goals. Maybe you bought things on sale because they were on sale (not a good reason, fyi) but they actually don’t fit your style or your body. Or you’re holding out for that specific occasion to wear that specific dress (which has not happened in 3 years).

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, do not fear, this is where the curated fox comes in! I am here to organise, style and curate your wardrobe to make your life easier by freeing up time to focus on more important things in your life.

So, how do I do this?

Whether you are interested in the Wardrobe Curation, Personal Styling or the package deal, getting  to know you and what is important to you will impact how I curate my services to suit your needs. Along with getting to know you, I also need to understand your body – i.e. your body shape and your colouring. This is an imperative part of dressing as the fit, fabric and colour on your body can either make or break the outfit.

Completely judgement free, I work with all clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. As I am sensitive to each situation and person at hand, every client is treated individually and a customised plan of action will be instilled once we have met.

Your style should be a reflection of your personality and I can help you attain your style goals!

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