Meet Roxanne Erdis; Style and Creative Consultant at your service.

Over seven years professional experience as a Fashion Buyer and Stylist and 29 years of an unwavering infatuation with anything fashion related, have been merged with an OCD-esque love for organisation, minimalism and perfect disposition to create the curated fox.

I can't place the exact year my infatuation with the world of fashion started as it has always played a massive role in my life in one way or another. I grew up in a tiny, desert town in South Africa and I was fortunate enough to have an adventurous family that encouraged my wildy vivid and creative imagination. If I wasn't engrossed in the newest Teen Vogue or Seventeen (or Saltwater Girl, 90's SA babies will understand), or sketching some or other design, I was dressing my reluctant older brother and little sister in whatever my heart desired. I was also found on numerous occasions raiding my mother's closet and proceeding to try on multiple outfits which I was convinced fit me (evidence to the left).

One thing that has naturally stuck with me over the years, is my love for styling myself and everyone around me. I have always been OBSESSED with scouring any mall in any city I may be in for hours on end to find the perfect outfit,  incredible shoes or just an amazing pair of earrings. Whether I am tasked by my friends and family to find pieces for them or I am looking for gifts or just reinventing what is already in a friend's closet, there is nothing quite like the elation of adding to  someone else's happiness.

And that is what I would like to do for men and women everywhere! The fashion world is constantly chasing the next fleeting trend and it can be difficult and draining trying to keep up. So why not discover what makes you authentically yourself and bring a more fulfilling purpose to your personal style? With my passion and expertise, I want to help you feel confident in your skin, simplify your life and make sure you are ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

I can not wait to work with YOU!

Circa 1994

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